Rehearsed ReadingsCity University London would like to invite you to attend this showcase written by Nikki Racklin, Emma Morgan and Mark Hibbett, MA Creative Writing (Playwriting & Screenwriting) 2014 alumni who started the Lost City Writers alumni group:

TANYA & DEL – Trainee hairdresser Justine finds her easygoing nature under threat when her upstairs neighbour – 40-something party animal Tanya, a carer for her morbidly obese mother – nabs a new boyfriend, an unlikely lothario by the name of Del.

THE MED – An uptight, idealistic young female medical student gets a crash course in love, life and death while interning in a notoriously hedonistic Corfu holiday resort.

THUMBS DOWN – When she discovers his plans to leave, a farmer is appalled at her labourer’s disloyalty.

MARJORIE MEETS GARETH, GARETH MEETS MARJORIE – When Marjorie is cold-called she finds the young man on the other end of the line more helpful than she –  or he – expected.

THE INVENTION OF SEX – 385 million years ago in a lake in Scotland a couple of armoured fish in a long-term relationship try to spice up their spawning life with a new thing called ‘sex’.

ARCHITECTURE AND MORALITY – Three buildings discuss the changing face of Soho.